Outsourced HR
We start with your operational HR – we make sure your current contracts, policies and procedures are up to date with legislation and best practice. We then assist with the implementation, making sure managers are supported in their roles. This includes assistance with recruitment, performance management, inductions, contracts and other employee documentation, salary benchmarking and reviews.
We also support staff to hear employee grievances and provide coaching and assistance in improving their relationship with their manager and colleagues.
Strategically, we then look as to how you can position yourselves to be an employer of choice. This is done through having us as a key part of your management group and executive team.

HR Compliance
o you know what you need to be compliant with the myriad of industrial relations requirements for your business? Give us a call! We can guide you through what is the maze of IR and point out exactly what you need and most importantly, when. We can even stagger the implementation of any compliance work that you do with us so that you can deal with the top priorities now.
Our services include:

Have you had a compliant come to you regarding an HR Issue? Harassment? Discrimination or bullying? We can support you by conducted an external, third party investigation and assist you through the process.

Got an issue that third party intervention would make a big difference? Let us help by conducting a mediation with your employees.
Call us to provide you with a trained mediator that can assist either at our offices or yours. Our format usually runs that we interview each person individually then the mediator will call them together to run a session. Depending on the complexity of the issues, this can take between 2 and 4 hours, although most are resolved in two 2 hour sessions.

New to hr Get Trained
Over our 8+ years in business we have worked alongside many individuals who are responsible for HR but do not necessarily have the required training or knowledge to deal with the HR issues that often arise. We know how important it is that these people have some knowledge in the area.
We have now developed a two part HR training course designed specifically for non-HR professionals, such as Executive Assistants, Office Managers and General Managers. The course is run over one day and is split into two parts.

Part One

Part Two:

This is a highly interactive workshop where you will walk away with a practical understanding of the essential areas of the Human Resources framework within your role.

Performance review
Our Employee Performance Management System (EPMS) allows you to conduct performance reviews with your staff using your current Position Descriptions. EPMS is easy to use, all online and is tailored to your organisation. 

Position Description
Up to date, relevant and useful Position Descriptions (PDs) form one of the key stones to any efficient and effective Human Resource program, for any size of organisation. Increase accountability, efficiency and productivity; get your PDs to really work for you.

Service Process and output

Updating existing position descriptions(KPIs and other performance measures can be also be updated and / or added).

Simply, effective process with staff input, done on line and / or in person with one on one interviews to ensure what people are actually doing is what is recorded and written.Vital for effective performance reviews, salary benchmarking, recruitment and the like.Compatible with QA systems

Creation of new Position Descriptions

Suitable for new roles, one page.

Salary Benchmarking
Are you paying market rates to your employees? Not sure and want to find out? Have end of year reviews and want to get more data before you offer increases? Then contact us – we can help you with salary benchmarking against current market rates. Our recommendations come in a report with an advised salary range, suggested salary packaging for each role, or customise this service according to the level of detail you require.
Just think how useful that information could be at salary review time! No headaches, no confusion, and a valid source to back up your decisions.

Sexual harassment and bullying training
Are you compliant with the current Equal Opportunity legislation? Are you looking to be proactive and educate your employees about what is and is not appropriate in the workplace? We can conduct Sexual Harassment and Bullying training at your office or workplace.

Our sessions can be as brief or as detailed as you would like and they are all customised according to your policies and procedures. We generally cover the following issues during our sessions:

Our clients really enjoy our sessions, and the most consistent feedback we get is that our sessions are interactive. Our trainers discuss current cases, use case studies and quizzes.
Our training can be conducted company-wide across all audiences, and can be developed specifically for senior managers and executives and then separate sessions for employees.

Culture survey
Ever stopped to think about the culture of your organisation? What do your employees really think about your workplace? Do they see themselves with you for the long term?
Talk to us! We are experts in designing culture and engagement surveys that can pick up the true ‘heart beat’ of the organisation.
Gain valuable data that can be used for a variety of HR measures and strategies including retention.
Start internal benchmarking that you can use to measure staff engagement over a time frame
Being able to define the culture in an organisation not only assists you in outlining what is great about your organisation and why employees enjoy coming in to work every day, but it also allows you to understand how culturally and strategically aligned employees are within the company to allow you to assess your current culture, build a model of the culture you want to have, and guide you on how to get there.
We can take care of the whole process for you in 3 easy steps.
We develop a customised online questionnaire with you, covering areas that you want to know more about as well as questions from research that will provide us with great information. These include questions relating to all areas of employment, how employees feel about the company and their work, their likes and dislikes, what motivates them, what sorts of incentives they would like, and ways to improve
We then conduct confidential face-to-face interviews with participants
Gather, collate and report on findings in a comprehensive report. This comes with a number of suggested recommendations to the management team.
It’s that easy! Although it can be done as a one off, many of our clients conduct the survey on an annual or biannual basis with us for comparison and benchmarking purposes.

Ensuring you have the right team and company culture starts with recruiting the right people! If you find you just don’t have the time, inclination or your current process isn’t working then let us help you!
At Talent Seekers, we are not a recruitment agency; we are experienced HR consultants. We work closely with our clients and understand the importance of employing the right people.  You’re sure to find what you need with us.
We have a range of recruitment options available to suit your needs and budget from complete end-to-end recruitment to assistance with specific areas. You find them, we test them!

End to end
We manage the whole process, from taking a detailed brief, to advertising, screening, interviewing, testing and assessing for the required skills and attitude required.
We then present you with a short list of candidates and can either assist with interviewing and will do thorough reference checking for your pick of the bunch. 
With all of our recruitment options, we take the time to ensure that we understand exactly what you are looking for, right down to the person the candidate will be reporting to!
We offer a three month guarantee on all our candidates. Please note, we are not a ‘bum on seat’ recruitment agency. We care about our clients and take the time to find the right candidate for your business, so if you are looking for someone in a very short time frame (i.e. yesterday!) we may not be the right people for you.
Both candidates and clients have expressed how much they like our process.
“Our recent experience with Talent Seekers was a breath of fresh air. We knew we needed help with our recruitment but were disillusioned with traditional fee-for-placement services. The Talent Seekers business model of helping and educating us to find our own staff fit our company perfectly.
Our staff came away feeling more educated and confident in their ability to effectively recruit staff. The Talent Seekers staff were approachable, thorough and generous with their time and expertise.
We would recommend Talent Seekers to any business that needs a helping hand with recruitment and HR. The money spent with Talent Seekers was the smartest investment we have made in a long time.”

Packaged recruitment assistance
We know that sometimes you prefer to do majority of the recruiting yourself, but would like assistance with specific areas of the process, or just some guidance along the way. Talent Seekers can offer assistance with any of the following:
Drafting the job advertisement
Fielding enquiries and phone calls from potential candidates
Screening all submitted applications for suitability
Phone interviewing to narrow down the list of candidates for interview
Writing appropriate, relevant and compliant interview questions
First round interviews with shortlisted candidates
Skills and Ability Testing
Second round interviewing of final candidates
Reference and background checking
TS can also tailor specific recruitment assistance packages to suit your needs.

Training and Development
Campus placement
Industry visit and internships