Training & Resume Services

Student Trainings
o Groom talent to support organizational growth.
o Assured employment opportunity for the deserving.
o Promote industry partnership with academic institutions & improve employment quotient of the students.
o Great learning opportunity - Internship with a company on high growth path
o Relate Theory to practice through OJT under expert guidance.
o Selected Candidates will be trained for Industrial Etiquettes, Stress management, Working in Teams, Performance Tuning, Positive Attitude, and other Technical Skills required for the position offered.
• We provide clearly focused industry-oriented training for fresher’s covering the actual skill set looked for by employers.
• Ability to identify/understand the needs of employers across industry verticals.
• Map out the skills and knowledge required
• Determine the gaps - Curriculum vs Industry requirement and bridge the same.
• Design, develop and deliver courses to address these gaps.
• Placement Preparation Program
o Prepare students to face interviews with confidence. We help understand the selection processes of different organizations and project students at their best during the selection process.
o Soft Skills
o Resume Writing , Group Discussions , Role play , conversational Skills , Industry orientation
o Career Aptitude
o Analytical Reasoning , Quantitative Reasoning , Logical Reasoning , Personality Tests

Corporate Training Programs
Corporate Training
We at Talent Seekers believe in delivering quality Learning & Skill Development solutions that have a direct & measurable impact on client’s key performance indicators. Whether it’s maximizing productivity at a retail outlet; improving CSAT scores for a leading telecom client; improving Airport Service Quality scores for a leading international Airport; or sourcing & providing pre-hire training for a global retail giant– all our interventions have one common DNA – i.e. impacting business outcomes.

Sales & Distribution Training Solutions
With extensive experience in every facet of sales across 21 industry sectors, Talent Seekers empowers nearly 60 global firms with tools and processes to enhance sales performance and drive business results. Building the selling skills of your sales force and building relationships is a very effective tool for gaining competitive advantage. Talent Seekers offers a whole range of sales management training solutions starting with conducting a needs diagnostic study, understanding the skill and process gaps and developing customized solutions. Training and coaching on modules like essential selling skills, sales and distribution management skills, advanced selling skills, consultative selling skills, etc form a part of the corporate sales training consultancy solutions
Automotive Manufacturing Service Trainings
Improvement of customer satisfaction is the key objective
The service team identifies key drivers to improve customer satisfaction
The service team implements measures to improve customer satisfaction
The service manager tracks customer satisfaction results on an ongoing level and takes actions when and where necessary
Improvement in Quality service
Reduction in repeat repairs.

Stage Highlights

Resume Services
Writing an effective and creative resume that gets results can be a frightening task. But if a few of the simple things are taken care of, your chances of being shortlisted for the interview enhance significantly. Here are a few of the tips that will be immensely beneficial for any candidate, irrespective of the industry or organization to are applying to. These are some basic things that make a lasting impression:  Determine your job search objective prior to writing the resume and structure the content of your resume around that objective only. If you write your resume without having a clear objective in mind, it will come across as unfocussed to those who read it.
 You don't need to go into detail about every accomplishment. Strive to be clear and concise. The purpose of your resume is to generate enough interest in you, to have an employer contact you for an interview.
 The language should be simple, the flow of language simple and grammar absolutely correct. The format must be chosen carefully and consistency should be maintained throughout. Use a font size no smaller than 10 point
 To improve the presentation and comprehension, use bulleted sentences. Resumes are read quickly (a resume gets an attention of 30 sec on an average) This bulleted sentence format makes it easier for someone to quickly scan your resume and still absorb it.
 To add life to your resume, use begin with action words like prepared, developed, monitored, and presented.
 Take the time to determine which bullets most strongly support your job search objective. Put those strong points first where they are more apt to be read.
 Use the key words listed in the ad (where the vacancy is advertised) and match them with the contents in your resume, highlight your suitability for the job profile.
 Use some technical jargon, specific to your industry. If there are terms that show your competence in a particular field, use them in your resume.
 Accent the positive and leave off negatives and irrelevant points. Lead with your strengths. Focus on the duties that support your objective.
 Rather than going into depth in one area, use your resume to highlight your breadth of knowledge.
 If you have reported to someone important such as a vice president or department manager, say so in your resume. Having reported to someone important causes the reader to infer that you are important.
 Limit the length of your resume to 1-2 pages. Help the reader to scan your resume efficiently and effectively.
 Since you are so close to your situation, it can be difficult for you to hit all your high points and clearly convey all your accomplishments. Have someone review your job search objective, your resume, and listings of positions that interest you.
Use your resume to obtain an interview, not a job. Most prospective employers decide whether or not they want to interview you after reading the first few lines.
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